Our best practices

Our succes stories show that advertising at TMG really works. Below a selection of best practices that we're proud of. 
  • Miss Etam: 'You are so beautiful'

    With the endearing campaign from Miss Etam, women (35+ years) were called upon to give out compliments on social media with the hashtag #mooijezelfzijn (#beyourbeautifulself).

  • Gilette Fusion Proshield

    In a temporary, and especially for this occasion built, pop-up barbershop in Rotterdam, Gillette’s newest shaving product – Fushion Proshield - was launched and handed out for free.

  • TMG and Schiphol Inspire Entrepreneurs

    Who: Schiphol
    What: Airline tickets to metropolises for entrepreneurs
    Objective: Draw attention to Schiphol’s Go Multinational Campaign
    Target audience: Entrepreneurs with international ambitions

  • Jan Doets brand recognition rises following multimedia campaign

    Who: Jan Doets
    What: Jan Doets brand recognition and brand knowledge increases after deployment of multimedia TMG campaign.
    Objective: To position Jan Doets as specialist for travel to the United States and Canada.
    Target audience: People interested in travelling to the United States or Canada.

  • Autovisie Ideal Partner to Create Enthusiasm for Renault Clio RS among Target Audience

    Who: Renault
    What: Renault Clio RS 
    Objective: To create enthusiasm for the sports version of the Renault Clio among the target audience.
    Target audience: Young, macho men

  • VROUW and Yakult Entice Women to Exercise

    Who: Yakult
    What: Development of activation concept and programme to stimulate exercise and sports.
    Objective: To make it clear that Yakult is more than just a drink/health drink.
    Target audience: Women 30+ interested in health and exercise.

  • DFT Helps Telfort with Successful Online Content Special

    Who: Telfort
    What: Telfort Mobile - carefree mobile internet
    Objective: To position Telfort as a knowledge party that helps consumers save costs in their use of mobile internet. To make consumers aware of Telfort as an advisor in how to save MBs (and therefore costs) when making use of mobile internet.
    target audience: Men/women aged 20-55 with low to medium levels of education.

  • TMG Puts Together Cross-media Package for Webasto

    Who: Webasto Thermo & Comfort Benelux B.V.
    What: Sunroofs for cars
    Objective: To create awareness for the aftermarket sunroof and to promote growth in sales.
    Target audience: Motorists wanting a sunroof in their existing car.

  • TMG Gets Jumbo Tour Campaign Off to a Flying Start

    Who: Jumbo
    What: Limited Edition Retro Cycling Jersey
    Objective: Draw attention to the Jumbo Tour de France promotion
    Target audience: Supermarket customers

  • Use of TMG media results in huge numbers of visitors to ‘Nationale Museumweek’ (National Museum Week).

    Who: Dutch Museums Association
    What: Development of a branding and activation concept
    Objective:To introduce the Netherlands to the successor to the ‘Museumweekend’, the ‘Nationale Museumweek’; allowing everyone to experience what fantastic museum treasures can be found almost round the corner. ‘Our real gold. Closer than you think.’
    Target audience: Women and men aged 18+ interested in culture and art.

  • SNS Lays Claim to ‘Payout Day’ by Making Use of TMG Media

    Advertiser: SNS Bank
    Objective: To create awareness of the fact that SNS is the only major bank to pay interest on current accounts. The further aim was to lay claim to the term ‘Uitbetaaldag’ (Payout Day).
    Target audience: Dutch citizens aged 25 to 40.

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