The Datalab of TMG

Realize maximum conversion with data

TMG Datalab is the point of contact within TMG for advertisers and media companies wanting to achieve maximum conversion rates through the use of data. With the frequent and active usage of all our brands’ platforms, we generate large amounts of data. This data offers insight into the interests and preferences of consumers, and by combining this with data of numerous external sources (such as socio-demographics and social media platform data) comprehensive and detailed segments can be created. So instead of simply targeting women in general, we can now filter out more detailed and specific target groups. For example, affluent women from a higher social standing with an interest in fashion, gossip or entertainment. Name and address information are never shared with advertisers. Therefore the data accessible to advertisers can never be traced back to an identifiable person.

Possibilities for advertisers

Data partnerships
We offer data partnerships to advertisers. And in that we share knowledge and insights in order to accomplish maximum results out of all data available. Within our lab we have all competences on board to support our customers in the best possible way. Such as data scientists, analists, data marketeers, data quality specialists and data developers. The insights from our Datalab and you, as an advertiser, combined offer substantial opporturtunities to increase your impact, conversion rates and ROI.

New segments
With the knowledge and skills within Datalab we can also surprise you with - through data science analysis discovered - new potential target segments for your products.


Take a look at our programmatic rate card

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