DFT is the Dutch financial news platform in which entrepreneurs, investors and consumers can use the right channel to stay informed of relevant financial-economic news and other valuable information 24 hours a day. Based on current affairs, De Telegraaf provides entrepreneurial Dutchmen with an overview of opportunities and risks via De Telegraaf, DFT.NL and smartphone and tablet apps.

DFT reaches entrepreneurs, investors, business decision-makers and financially aware consumers 24 hours a day via De Telegraaf, DFT.NL and smartphone and tablet apps. DFT is not included in NOM separately. Based on De Telegraaf readers with an interest in personal finance, economy and the business world, the core DFT.NL target group could be described as: man, over 35 years with an above-average income (index 162). More specifically: Across all devices, De Telegraaf reaches 49% of business decision-makers. This makes De Telegraaf - across all devices! - the medium with the biggest reach among business decision-makers. Every day DFT also reaches 526,000 readers who are interested in personal finance, economy and the business sector. DFT also reaches 17% of private investors and is read extensively by independent entrepreneurs (index: 173).

De Financiële Telegraaf (DFT) is an indispensable part of the newspaper for Dutch financiers and entrepreneurs. The financial edition in De Telegraaf is not only highly valued, it is also accessible and stays close to users.  DFT stands out because of its use of plain language and because it makes complex materials understandable, clear and useable.

DFT editorial planning
Using the various channels (newspaper, online and events), DFT focuses on five editorial pillars: Stock Market, Personal Finance, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise. Editorial planning offers advertisers the option to advertise in connection with specific themes.

24/7 DFT.nl publishes the latest financial and economic news, all stock market developments, real time stock market prices, news about financial institutions and companies, gives tips and advice and uses column writers to place all that news in perspective. 

DFT Geld (Money) is market leader regarding personal finance news and information. DFT Geld makes the news personal and helps consumers make the right financial decisions. Daily DFT Geld explains what has changed or is new regarding mortgages, saving and insurance. 

DFT Ondernemen (Enterprise) follows and publishes enterprise news from minute to minute. Ranging from big business events to the most up-to-date developments that affect SMEs and the self-employed in running their business. DFT Ondernemen reports about important financial developments, employment market trends and legislation and regulations and is the absolute market leader in enterprise platforms.

DFT Mobiel
Absolutely unique in the Netherlands: real time stock market prices are displayed via streaming. Investors can use their iPhone and Android DFT app to stay informed about the current stock market status and important news and advice at any moment of the day. 

DFT Online Seminars
DFT organises online seminars throughout the year on various current financial themes, including choosing the right investment strategy, mortgage market developments and ensuring a good pension. DFT Online Seminars are an excellent resource to inform and activate target audiences interactively and to generate leads.

DFT live debates are interactive, professional, inspiring and astute. Consumers, entrepreneurs and financial professionals are presented with knowledge and advice about healthy financial affairs for business and at home. Advertisers have the option of sponsoring a particular theme within an exclusive live debate.


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