Jan Doets brand recognition rises following multimedia campaign

Who: Jan Doets
What: Jan Doets brand recognition and brand knowledge increases after deployment of multimedia TMG campaign.
Objective: To position Jan Doets as specialist for travel to the United States and Canada.
Target audience: People interested in travelling to the United States or Canada.



Media Choice

Jan Doets uses De Telegraaf (Reiskrant travel supplement), Metro, Telegraaf.nl and SkyRadio for the campaign:

  • The users of the various TMG media are demonstrably interested in trips to Canada and the United States.
  • Jan Doets and De Telegraaf brand are a good fit. The choice of the Reiskrant travel supplement is confirmed by the Reiskrant’s reach: people who spend more time in preparing for their trip. Sky Radio also reaches this target audience.
  • Metro nicely complements De Telegraaf’s target audience: Metro readers are active with a more than average interest in city trips.

Substance of the Campaign

Jan Doets defines the campaign with a combination of commercial communications and branded content:

  • A very large group of readers is reached with branded content. The experience that people already have with the United States and Canada is anticipated. This stirs up emotions. Linking to this is effective.
  • The commercial communications engender interest in Jan Doets.
  • With a ‘win promotion’, the campaign anticipates the ‘I want that too’ feeling.
  • An online special is visited by the group of ‘seriously interested parties’.




The number of positive associations with the Jan Doets brand rose by 16.2 percent during the course of the campaign (November 2014 up to and including February 2015). During the period of the campaign, knowledge of the brand rose from 37 percent to 43 percent. In short, the objectives were amply met.

20 Nov
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