Noordhollands Dagblad

Noordhollands Dagblad offers current news and relevant information from the local area. The region is its strength and its basis. This strong and trusted media brand informs, inspires, entertains and connects consumers in the form and at the moment of the consumer’s choice: daily newspaper, digital newspaper, news site, news app, specials, magazines, events, webshop. Noordhollands Dagblad is strong in reach and quality, making it valuable for advertisers and partners.

Media forms and options

  • Daily with PLUS weekend edition and Vrij weekend magazine;
  • Digital newspaper (desktop/mobile/tablet);
  • News site / (desktop/mobile/tablet);
  • News-app (mobile/tablet);
  • Specials including Zorg (Care), Onderwijs (Education), Recreatie (Leisure), Vastgoed (Real Estate);
  • Magazines including Uitvaart (Funeral), Trouwen (Wedding);
  • Newsletter for subscribers.


  • Readers of Noordhollands Dagblad feel more like ‘members’ than subscribers and are also committed and loyal;
  • The Noordhollands Dagblad digital edition has an additional younger and more highly educated target audience than print.

(source: Mediabelevingsonderzoek, TNS-NIPO)

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