Privé is the number 1 in showbiz and entertainment and the brand enabling Dutch entertainment enthusiasts to find the latest much-talked-about news about Dutch and international celebrities. Privé’s most important success factor is the editorial staff’s extensive network. Readers and online visitors are provided with the latest showbiz news on Prive.nl 24/7, daily in De Telegraaf and in the Privé magazine.

Privé reaches Dutch entertainment enthusiasts via Prive.nl 24/7, De Telegraaf newspaper and weekly magazine Privé. Privé’s readership is mainly women under 35 years. Each week Privé reaches 1 million readers, 753,000 of them are women and 67% are married or co-habiting. Privé readers have an above-average interest in fashion, cosmetics and personal care.

Privé weekly magazine
Revelations that other media miss
The Dutch gossip authority; no single other magazine makes the news with its stories as often as Privé. This is because Privé unveils revelations that other media miss every week. Privé has almost 1.1 million readers per week, particularly women under 35 years.

Privé specials
Glossies to keep 

As well as the weekly Privé, 5 additional glossy specials for readers to keep are published each year. These specials, with exclusive reports and many unique photos, focus entirely on one topic. The Privé special is available for six weeks only in single copy sales. The content combined with its attractive price results in high sales figures. Privé also produces the royalty glossy MÁXIMA, about everyone and everything Royal. The fashion and lifestyle pages offer a strong framework to highlight products or services. MÁXIMA is only for sale in single copy sales with a circulation of 50,000 copies.

Privé in de Telegraaf
Very popular in De Telegraaf newspaper

The Privé page is one of the most popular sections of De Telegraaf newspaper. Every time this appears, readers are treated to the latest news and extensive reports about national and international celebrities.

Daily dose of talked-about news items

Prive.nl is the online place for Dutch entertainment enthusiasts to get their daily dose of talked-about news items, made available 24/7 by the Netherlands’ most-informed entertainment editorial staff. It is also the place where many Dutch celebrities tell their story, sometimes directly from the studio. Prive.nl guarantees the most-talked-about news and pleasant moments of relaxation.

Privé TV
Latest videos in showbiz land

Privé TV presents the latest videos in showbiz land every day, with a weekly section, Bubbels, in which stylist Janice discusses the clothes of the stars on the red carpet. Privé also offers numerous extras including: chat sessions with stars, interviews and live concerts.

Privé replica app
Always within reach

Privé is also always within reach throughout the world as e-magazine for tablets. The latest Privé is available weekly on Wednesday mornings at 9.00 am.

Privé newsletter
The hottest scoops in your inbox

The Privé newsletter is sent every Wednesday.  24,000 subscribers receive the newsletter, which contains the latest national and international show news and the highlights of the previous week.             

Privé Social
A look behind the scenes

Privé involves Prive.nl visitors via social media channels; they are offered a look behind the screens at the editorial staff and can respond to the latest news from the stars. 

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