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Radio Veronica

Radio Veronica is the station that offers the hits of your life. Or rather: the best hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s, presented by top DJs including Jeroen van Inkel, Erik de Zwart, Dennis Hoebee, Patrick Kicken, Rick van Velthuysen and Bart van Leeuwen. The music programming comprises timeless rock and pop hits.

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Radio Veronica focuses successfully on the male target audiences, but nevertheless many women also enjoy Radio Veronica. Weekly the station reaches over 1.6 million different listeners, mainly within the 25 to 54 year-old target audience.


Radio Veronica can be received throughout the Netherlands via the airways, cable, internet, Astra satellite, Digitenne, smartphone and DAB+.

Media Forms

Radioveronica.nl offers all current information about current playlists, DJs, ongoing campaigns and current entertainment news. Monthly over 350,000 unique visitors visit Radioveronica.nl; the website offers extensive possibilities for using online display advertising, video pre-rolls and creative cross-media campaigns.

The Radio Veronica stream is started on average 280,000 times weekly by 80,000 unique listeners. Radio Veronica player offers possibilities for both video pre-rolls (including co-ad) and online display. As well as the standard Radio Veronica stream, the website also offers Top 1000 Hits of All Times, Rock Radio, HitRadio Veronica, 80s Hits, 90s Hits, Veronica Drive-In show and Baars Classic Rock Radio. These streams also offer the opportunity for in-steam advertising.
(source: NLO/GfK, Google Analytics and Triton Digital 2015)

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