SNS Lays Claim to ‘Payout Day’ by Making Use of TMG Media

Advertiser: SNS Bank
Objective: To create awareness of the fact that SNS is the only major bank to pay interest on current accounts. The further aim was to lay claim to the term ‘Uitbetaaldag’ (Payout Day).
Target audience: Dutch citizens aged 25 to 40.

Sander Hengeveld, Communications Advisor SNS Bank:
‘With Payout Day, we are seizing a specific moment in time that almost every Dutch citizen recognises: the day your salary – and in May your holiday allowance on top of that – is credited to your account. With Metro print, digital, social and the readers and influencers of Blog Society, a powerful surge was created that we are picking up on in a relevant way with our current account proposition at that moment in time.’

Situation Overview

For many, the moment at which their salary is deposited to their account is a moment they look forward to every month. The month of May is especially good, because this is when the holiday allowance comes in over and above the salary payment. Market research shows what Dutch citizens do with their salary and holiday allowance. And on which day in 2015 most people receive their money, namely Friday 22 May. This is the day that SNS has proclaimed Payout Day. Payout Day and the results of this research have been picked up on a large scale by the press and media, and provide the motivation to begin institutionalizing Payout Day in the run-up to Friday 22 May.




Media Choice


In the run-up to Payout Day on Friday May 22, an editorial article about the upcoming Payout Day based on the findings of the research conducted by SNS will appear in Metro and on the Monday prior to this. The article will be picked up across a broad spectrum, including DFT,, RTL Nieuws and Radio 538. Furthermore, Metro will be asking readers what they do with the salary and holiday allowance they will be receiving this month.



Metro will also be posing this question on the social channels Twitter and Facebook. Metro’s followers (over 200,000) share the article, ‘like’ the article and comment on it. Payout Day is alive and well among the Dutch population! is asking the same question in an editorial article. To create an even stronger link with SNS, an SNS advertorial will appear for a week starting on the day of the call-up, at a fixed position on the site’s sidebar. Metro’s mobile site will display a half-page banner that generates 500,000 impressions over a period of three days. With an average CTR of 0.46%, this campaign has scored above average.

On 22 May the best pictures were put on the @Metro page. On the same day there is a striking 1/3 page advertisement in the Metro daily newspaper in which SNS links to the following message: Enjoy your #PayoutDay. A day that SNS makes even more enjoyable. Because SNS pays interest on your well-earned money in an SNS current account.




Blog Society

Five blogs have been created on Blog Society to establish a link to the SNS research. In the articles, bloggers show what they plan to do with their holiday allowance and salary payment on Payout Day. All of the articles are pushed via the social channels of the bloggers. In addition, five influential social influencers are involved. Furthermore, the platform, and a widget on and generate as much traffic to the blogs as possible.



Curious about the blogs? For several examples, visit:


ROI of 266% on PR; significant increase in the number of Facebook followers.

11 Dec
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