Telesport is a top sport platform in the Netherlands and leads the race to be the first to provide sports enthusiasts with the news. Telesport’s most important success factor is the editorial staff’s extensive network. Employees do everything to provide readers and visitors with the very latest news on Telesport.nl 24/7, in De Telegraaf newspaper and in video with Telesport Journaal.

Telesport develops and produces high-quality content and interactive platforms to serve consumers with relevant news. And to be the ‘one-stop shop’ for advertisers in sport media. This enables Telesport to provide all input for the topic of the day for readers and at the same time the Netherlands’s biggest full-service sport publisher offers advertisers a wide range of opportunities to reach various target audiences effectively.

Telesport is leading in providing news for sports enthusiasts and is the Netherlands’s biggest full-service sports publisher. 

Telesport in De Telegraaf
The total of the weekend’s most important sporting news is combined on Mondays in the extensive Telesport supplement in De Telegraaf newspaper. Tuesdays to Saturdays 16 to 24 pages are reserved in De Telegraaf newspaper for Telesport’s most up-to-date sporting news. Themed supplements also appear regularly, covering one topic or event.

Website Telesport.nl
Telesport.nl is the first to present the latest sports news, interviews, background information and columns by sporting icons. Every sport has its own section and during large events - Olympic Games, Tour de France, World Cup and European Cup football, Grand Slam Tennis tournament - a separate section is designed per event. Telesport.nl offers advertisers special opportunities to make a targeted and up-to-date approach to their market audience, utilising various tools including advertorials, take-overs, branded content item in video and specials.

Telesport TV
Telesport TV is an important window for broadcasting current news. The videos are announced in the newspaper every day and at around 6.00 pm daily Telesport Vandaag is broadcast. Collaboration with FOX enables Telesport TV to use current images. The most important, current events find their way to viewers via Breaking News. A sport report is broadcast three times a day during big events such as the Olympic Games or World Cup football (the viewing figures during such events are considerably higher than usual).

Telesport app
The Telesport app offers the latest in sporting news, live updates and results from the most important football competitions.

Telesport Newsletter
A faithful group of 32,000 sporting enthusiasts receive the Telesport newsletter every week. The newsletter is sent daily during big sporting events such as the Olympic Games or World Cup football.

Telesport Social
Telesport communicates with readers interactively via its Facebook and Twitter social channels, with the emphasis lying on sharing positive news, supported by images.

Telesport Events (ranking)
Telesport organises various public votes for such awards as Football Player of the Year, Skater of the Year and Tennis Player of the Year. All awards include a gala evening at the end of the year, at which the winners are announced.


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