Use of TMG media results in huge numbers of visitors to ‘Nationale Museumweek’ (National Museum Week).

Who: Dutch Museums Association
What: Development of a branding and activation concept
Objective:To introduce the Netherlands to the successor to the ‘Museumweekend’, the ‘Nationale Museumweek’; allowing everyone to experience what fantastic museum treasures can be found almost round the corner. ‘Our real gold. Closer than you think.’
Target audience: Women and men aged 18+ interested in culture and art.

Mirjam Moll, Collective Promotion Manager for the Dutch Museums Association:
‘The broad media palette with extended reach was decisive in selecting TMG. In addition, the National Museum Week was also especially interested in surprising, stimulating and inspiring the non-museum visitor with “Our real gold”. By comparing De Telegraaf’s subscriber database with the Museum Cardholder database, we know there is barely any overlap.’

Situation Overview

The first edition to the National Museum Week will take place from 18 - 26 April 2015. The central theme throughout is ‘Our real gold. Closer than you think.’ During the National Museum Week, the Dutch museums will be exhibiting their wealth of collections concerning the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. The objective of the Museum Association is to allow Dutch citizens – especially those who never visit a museum – to experience the fact that museums in the Netherlands have a refreshing, culturally interesting wealth to offer.

The concept

In the days preceding the Museum Week, various TMG titles will be used to draw attention to the week among the public at large. Editorial items will provide a sneak preview of the Dutch cultural heritage and the collections that will be exhibited. This positive messaging ensures that readers are informed about the National Museum Week and the collections of the museums in relevant ways.

Media Choice

De Telegraaf
A 12-page editorial special, various advertisements on the front page and editorial items on the Culture and National pages.

Live broadcast of the in-programme item ‘Find the Golden Bar’ during a full week.

Advertisements in the Metro daily newspaper and branded content items in the newspaper’s @Metro column.
Rectangles, leader board and homepage takeover.


The use of TMG media enables the Dutch Museum Association to draw attention to the National Museum Week among a large audience. The editorial items provide a good overview of the cultural heritage in the Netherlands. The activation concept works: thousands of Dutch citizens start looking for the hidden gold bars. The homepage takeover achieves a 81,837 click ratio and the advertisements in combination with other items contribute to the branding and activation objectives. The in-programme items on Radio Veronica create a lot of buzz concerning the National Museum Week, whereby the gamification element provides a solid boost to the activation of the target audience. Furthermore, listeners are very enthusiastic about the promotion. The reach is enormous: approximately 950,000 Dutch citizens between 20 and 54 years of age heard the Museum Week radio spots an average of 5.3 times, representing over 5 million contacts! The use of TMG media substantially contributes to the extremely high number of visits to the National Museum Week in all possible ways!

20 Nov
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