Vision, ambition and strategy

Our ambition

TMG would like to provide as many Dutch-language consumers as possible with high-quality, personalised and relevant news, sport and entertainment: informing, interpreting, inspiring and connecting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consumers determine the form, channel and time at which they read, watch or listen to our content. We start from our own strengths and concentrate on the things we’re good at: producing news, making news and interpreting news. We aim to use our collaborations, also with complementary content producers and advertisers, to further expand our services in order to offer added value for all links in the chain. 

Our strategic objectives

We have formulated three strategic key objectives to realise our ambition: 
• strengthening our key brands and creating domain domination
• increasing consumer reach
• realising sustainable returns.

Towards the strongest media company in the Netherlands

We are concentrating on several pillars to achieve these strategic objectives: 
Focus on consumer, key brands and core activities
At the heart of everything we do are the wishes and requirements of consumers, whom we reach through our strong, well-known key brands. By working together with partners, by developing new cross-media content and by applying modern ‘big data’ technology, we continuously learn more about our target groups, on the basis of which we strengthen our propositions. We proactively investigate potential partnerships for new distribution models (including digital) and new revenue models that we would be unable to set up independently.
Accelerated digital growth
Digital growth not only links in with consumers’ changing behaviour, it also leads to an expansion of our key brands, a further expansion of our reach, and an enhancement of our consumer data. This enables us to increase our added value for both consumers and advertisers and to strengthen loyalty and retention.
Developing new payment and marketing models
Thanks to our knowledge of media consumption and consumer preferences (across all channels), we are able to develop targeted payment and marketing models, so that consumers will only pay for the content of their choice, while advertisers can perfectly match their messages to what appeals to their target group.
Increasing efficiency
By raising cost awareness, creating synergy between business units and external partners and, where possible, implementing cost reductions, we increase our effectiveness and flexibility. We continuously invest in upgrading, improving and renewing our IT systems, thus creating room for innovation and better content.
Investing in people
Our people are the crucial link in creating our content and empowering our brands. Together, we work to achieve our ambition. We encourage continuous personal development and entrepreneurship, and offer a challenging working environment in which customer focus, innovation, integrity and collaboration are key.
Doing business sustainably
Doing business in a socially relevant way contributes to our identity, ensures social embedding, makes TMG an attractive employer and warrants our credibility as a content supplier. With our fine-tuned sustainability policy (‘TMG actively engaged, every day’), sustainable business has been integrated into our strategy, respecting all stakeholders. In this policy, our three main pillars are ‘Showing interest in each other’, ‘Transparency’ and ‘Reducing our environmental impact’. 

20 Nov
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