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VROUW is for women that live life to the fullest. Women who don’t want to be told what to do, and want to dig deeper into things that excite and interest them and will lift them up. Via the daily section in De Telegraaf newspaper and the new digital platform VROUW.nl, these women find inspiration, relaxation, entertainment, advice, time for reflection and interaction with other women, 24/7, and all this thanks to current issues, background stories and the emotion behind the news.

VROUW offers advice, inspiration, entertainment and interaction in a current context using plain and recognizable factual and detailed reporting. With a weekly magazine, a bi-monthly glossy, a news page in De Telegraaf and an online platform, VROUW is available for readers 24/7. In figures: VROUW magazine reaches 1,118,000 people (7.3% of the Dutch population), which puts it in 3rd place in women’s weekly in terms of reach. Combined print and online figures show that VROUW magazine reaches no less than 2,443,000 people! VROUW glossy has a reach of 280,000 people, also putting it in third place in terms of reach for glossy women’s monthly magazines.
(source: NOM, combined print and online figures 2014-II/2015-I)

VROUW magazine
Emotion behind the news

VROUW magazine appears every weekend as supplement in De Telegraaf newspaper. VROUW magazine opens the door to the emotion behind the news. And with a feminine approach: positive, headstrong, surprising, familiar, close to home and with a focus on real people with real stories.

VROUW glossy
Extra deluxe VROUW

VROUW glossy is an extra deluxe version of VROUW magazine. With the same factual tone of voice it focuses on a changing, special theme each time. The Netherlands’s 3rd biggest glossy is for sale separately, available as subscription or gift subscription and available digitally for tablets. 

VROUW page in De Telegraaf newspaper
100% current issues

The VROUW page focuses 100% on current issues regarding fashion, lifestyle and wellness. The page appears on Mondays and Wednesdays and has been highly valued for many years.

Current issues and interaction

What are the latest fashion trends? The online VROUW editorial staff shows this. How can you lose those last 2 kilos? The VROUW.nl experts give advice. What are the best weekends away, with and without the children? VROUW.nl lists these. Looking for a sports partner? Find her via VROUW.nl. VROUW.nl is the platform for advice, entertainment, inspiration and for interaction with all those other great Dutch women.

VROUW newsletter
See weekly offers first
Every Thursday 94.000 interested women read the digital VROUW newsletter. This brings them up to date immediately of all the latest offers, campaigns and events and they can read the latest fashion, lifestyle and wellness news. They can also participate in the weekly exclusive competition. No wonder that the newsletter has a high opening rate.

VROUW social media
A look behind the scenes!

Readers get even closer to VROUW via social media. They take a look behind the screens at the editorial staff, talk about the topics of the day, are treated to great images and fun quotes and have the chance of winning great prizes.

VROUW Events
VROUW Awards

At the annual VROUW Awards, readers select the best product of the year in various categories. The VROUW Awards are awarded during a spectacular Awards show. 

VROUW in movement
Exercise is healthy. But for many women it’s difficult to step across the ‘sport barrier’. VROUW understands this and once a year helps remove this barrier with the September Exercise Month. In the run-up from July to September, all VROUW media focuses on exercise in the form of positive and inspiring stories, tips, training schedules, etc. During September Exercise Month, VROUW offers readers the possibility to participate in fun and accessible sporting events.


  • VROUW has recently launched a comprehensive online platform;
  • VROUW aims to be the biggest platform, with the highest number of free challenges in the Netherlands;
  • VROUW glossy is not only for sale in shops, but also as e-magazine in the special VROUW glossy app.
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