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VROUW is dedicated to women who are living life to the fullest. Women that won’t let anything stand in their way, and want to broaden their horizon with things that move them and spark their interest. With the digital platform VROUW.nl, a weekly magazine, bimonthly glossy and a page in the national newspaper De Telegraaf. In VROUW these women find inspiration, relaxation, entertainment, advice, space for reflection and interaction with other women- thanks to the topicality, a more in-depth and relatable and touching elaboration of the news.  


  • VROUW magazine: 1,2 people weekly (8,1% of the Dutch population; rank 2 in reach among the Dutch weekly magazines for women)
  • VROUW Glossy: 275.000 people every 2 months (rank 3 in reach among the glossy monthly magazines for women)
  • VROUW.nl: 2,1 million unique visitors and 13 million page views per month
  • VROUW in De Telegraaf: 1,4 million people per publication (twice a week)
  • VROUW newsletter: 101.500 subscribers per week
  • VROUW on social media: 120.000 fans



Topicality and interaction

Continuously up-to-date with the latest news articles and video’s relating the topics of the day and unique cross media formats suiting the five main pillars: kids, relationships/psyche, health and fitness, food and lifestyle. VROUW.nl offers inspiration, advice, relaxation and more emotion-charged articles about topics that concerns our VROUW readers. It is a website about, for and created by women.


VROUW Magazine

Emotion-charged news

VROUW Magazine opens a door to a more emotional side of the news, and does this in its own unique way: positive, sassy, surprising, relatable and with an eye for real people with real stories. VROUW magazine appears every Saturday annexed with the daily newspaper De Telegraaf.


VROUW Glossy

Double deluxe VROUW

VROUW Glossy is a double deluxe edition of VROUW magazine. With the same, recognizable tone-of-voice, but even more inspiration, more and longer interviews and articles, and every issue revolving around a specially dedicated theme. VROUW Glossy is for sale in stores, as a (gift) subscription and digitally available on tablets.


VROUW page in newspaper De Telegraaf

100% Topicality

The VROUW page in newspaper De Telegraaf is characterised by the latest news revolving around topics concerning women and has been highly appreciated for years. The page appears every Monday and Wednesday.


VROUW newsletter

Always up-to-date

Every Saturday 101.500 women read the weekly digital VROUW newsletter. It offers the most discussed articles of the week, the coolest promotions and prizes. The daily newsletter with the most popular articles and the personal horoscope offers a moment of relaxation in the morning, from Monday till Friday.


VROUW on social media

Behind the scenes

Women interact even more with VROUW through social media. They get to take a look behind the scenes in the editorial office, join in the conversation of the day, are treated to beautiful images, funny quotes and get the chance to win cool prizes.  


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Feel free to contact Simon Gijsbers (s.gijsbers@telegraafmedia.nl) or Jeffrey Gleijm (j.gleijm@tmg.nl).

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