VROUW and Yakult Entice Women to Exercise

Who: Yakult
What: Development of activation concept and programme to stimulate exercise and sports.
Objective: To make it clear that Yakult is more than just a drink/health drink.
Target audience: Women 30+ interested in health and exercise.



Situation Overview

New regulations prevent Yakult from continuing to make use of a health claim. It is important to make clear that Yakult is more than a drink/health drink: the brand can and wants to make a contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Team Yakult has been created for this purpose to help people achieve sportive goals.

The concept

VROUW has proclaimed September Exercise Month. During this month women readers can participate in fun and low-threshold sports events together with VROUW. In this way VROUW challenges women readers to step across the ‘sports threshold’. By way of preparation, during the months of May to September, inclusive, all VROUW media will devote attention to exercise in the form of positive and inspiring stories, tips from well-know sports figures and well-known Dutch people, training schedules, clothing, food, etc.

Media Choice

  • VROUW magazine
    Sponsored columns, cover shoot with Carien Kleibeuker (sports ambassador and sports dietician), inclusion in sports programme.
  • Events
    Yakult clinics organised during VROUW in Movement. After the completion of the event, participants will receive a Yakult goodie bag.
  • VROUW in De Telegraaf
    Day-after report of the Yakult clinics.
  • VROUW.nl
    Online campaign with advertorials, videos of the clinics and advertorial in the VROUW newsletter.





By joining up with the VROUW in Movement concept, Yakult is able to clearly convey that the brand is of greater significance to the consumer than just as a drink/health drink. The tips provided by sports dietician Carien Kleibeuker have been read by thousands of women. And the help that the Yakult Team provides in achieving sportive goals has motivated 100 women to register for the Yakult sports clinics.

11 Dec
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