Rates from 1 January 2016

Every day, TMG has various touch points with its consumers. We serve around seven million Dutch citizens every day with our media, using various platforms and devices. Our brands determine the day’s talking points and each day offer consumers relevant content via the vehicle of their choice in the area of news, lifestyle, sport, women, leisure and automotive, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

TMG’s strong brands enable you to always reach the right target group and to achieve your communication objectives. Our cross-media strength is enormous, our reach is huge and at the same time particularly selective in terms of the target groups you require. We are proud of our position in the market and continue to build on it each and every day. With, among others, Holland Media Combinatie’s regional and national newspapers and free local papers (distributed door-to-door), De Telegraaf, Metro and our digital network, we are the largest news publisher in the Netherlands.

The changing media consumption creates more and more relevant contact opportunities. These contacts form the basis for deploying media. The consumer uses cross-media and multi-media 24/7. So why the different payment models?

Effective from 1 January 2016, we will base the prices of our advertisements on current reach figures to make it easy for you to purchase multi-media and cross-media campaigns. This requires a uniform method of payment based on a single currency; the CPM rate. A single value for reaching 1,000 contacts with our media. The pricing structure shows how the campaign rate is structured on the basis of different variables: the choice of title, any combinations, the number of contacts, the advertising format and the targeting opportunities.Transparent, uniform, simple and above all contemporary. With this procurement methodology we are consistent with the way in which the consumer currently uses content: at the time, place and in the form he/she wants. We are pleased to work together with you to develop the best, most effective solution to your communication and media issues. In the area of media advice, as well as creative development. With its product portfolio of strong brands, TMG is the one-stop shop for advertisers.

Rates per 1 January 2016

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