Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the main objectives of TMG's 24/7 strategy is to generate sustainable returns. The corporate responsibility policy document that was developed in line with this strategy is entitled 'TMG actively engaged, every day'. Focal points of this policy are paying attention to each other, transparency and reducing our environmental impact.  Also see 'Corporate responsibility pillars'.

Striving for sustainable returns means that we aim to create lasting financial and non-financial value for all the stakeholders in our supply chain and for society as a whole. Generating sustainable returns requires TMG to carefully consider its actions and choices; this is what we mean by corporate responsibility.

In our rapidly changing information society, the role of media companies such as TMG is becoming increasingly important. By excelling in our core activities in a responsible manner, we can continue to add value.

Corporate responsibility contributes to TMG's relevance, reliability and credibility from the perspective of our consumers. With our sustainable approach, we take our responsibility as a leading media company. It can contribute to our capacity to innovate and our strong position in society.


16 Nov
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