Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable return on investment is one of the three main objectives within TMG's strategy. We are faced with the challenge of a permanently shrinking print market, as a result of which our long-term returns are under pressure. The realisation of new distribution and revenue models, largely aimed at digital activities, should lead to a solid basis for TMG − now and in the future − with a maximally positive impact on people, the environment and society. Our sustainable approach contributes to our reliability and our credibility as a leading media company, our innovation power and our anchoring in society.

In TMG's new 24/7 strategy, sustainable return on investment is one of the main objectives. In line with this new strategy, TMG's sustainability policy was also fine-tuned in 2015, and laid down in a new policy document entitled 'TMG actively engaged, every day’. This engagement is reflected in three pillars: Showing interest in each other, Saying what we stand for, Improving our environmental impact.

The environmental management of TMG is ISO 14001 certified.

28 Mar
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